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Hey SL, happy to be part of this guild of awesome peeps! (Y)
Hey noobs
fuck yeah 5/9 mythic raiders booooois
No offence @Teng :p

Well guys, BFA is close by and we are still going. 6/11 right now, and hit a bit of a wall on Kin. We'll continue until we either clear Antorus, or BFA hits us on the head. So keep your spirits high people! We have a chance, as they say, it isn't over until the fat lady sings, and I aint heard Lux singing yet!

We are still open for recruitment to active raiders, socials, and BFA recruits as well, so come on over and join us! 

It's amazing how fast time pases, we moved on to a new server to start a new Journey, new guild, new passion, and with our eyes on the prize.

it took us 3 weeks to fold, and for the guild to die off, but that didnt happen because we were weak, the contrary, it was fate that we have found a capable group who share the same woes we did, the same problems and same hurdles.

its not easy running an early raid team, but we actually managed it, both groups united, and Shadow Legion was born, With ranks replinished and more raids, alts runs, and hopefully the so wanted mythics.

We are still not there yet, but its a big leap forward, tomorrow looks promising, so lets work together to be where this great group deserves to be.

Cylur nice one... website needs nude pics..
Chip "it was fate that we have found a capable group..." Actually it was Chip and Lux... You're welco...
Bishi Well said! Here's to many more wipes together (and a few kills too)

And it starts again

Nitaria a posted Jul 19, 17

New place, new name, and hopefully new faces, After spending some memorable moments in Kilrogg it's finally the time to turn the page, to a new chapter and a new journey.

So on behalf of everyone behind the scenes I'd like to welcome you all, old and new members to our new home.

Please register on the website and link your Characters, and keep an eye on any new updates.

the website is still basically a WIP. If you have any suggestions please drop them in the forums.

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